David has been involved in real estate since 1999. Primarily focused on land development, he is most familiar with the acquisition, entitlement and development of real property. As vice president of planning and acquisitions for Colton Lee Communities, David formulates development strategies consistent with the company’s vision, identifies prospective markets consistent with these strategies, and creates viable land plans that respond to local market demand. Once a suitable property is under contract, David prepares the financial underwriting of the preferred development program and identifies viable exit strategies. From this analysis, and in conjunction with other project principals, David identifies and solicits suitable debt/equity providers and manages the appraisal and loan process. David also directs the due diligence preformed for each property and oversees all active entitlement and development projects through the approval process

David received his Masters of Real Estate Development (MRED) at the University of Southern California’s School of Policy, Planning and Development in 2004 and was awarded the D.J. Moore Award for outstanding academic achievement and professional promise. Currently, David serves on the admission committee conducting interviews of prospective students. David received his California Brokers License in May 2008.

“To develop land through an interconnected disciplinary approach that emphasizes sustainable growth and business practices that aim to improve communities, both socially and economically.”
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