“To develop land through an interconnected disciplinary approach that emphasizes sustainable growth and business practices that aim to improve communities, both socially and economically.”

Colton Lee Communities, LLC is looking to the future. Our conservative principles leave us stronger and better prepared to capitalize on economic recovery as it occurs.

Our team brings a over 50 years of experience to the real estate development business, we have worked together in both good times and bad.

We are fully prepared to embrace and implement what the future is bringing to our industry. We see both opportunity and challenge as we continue to thoughtfully grow our business through strict operational discipline coupled with flexible, strategic and creative land purchases.

We have always taken pride in being a company focused on quality locations, quality relationships, and quality designs, and we intend to continue these business practices as we move forward.

Our goal at Colton Lee is simple, we want all individuals and families that live in a Colton Lee neighborhood to enjoy our thoughtful design, meticulous execution and timeless quality.

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